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In a nurturing and welcoming setting, I help high-achieving professional women discover their voice, overcome self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and achieve balance between their personal and professional lives in a fulfilling way.

Collaboratively, we develop and execute personalized plans to regain focus and restore harmony to their lives.

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Dr. Felicia Wilson, a licensed clinical social worker, family caregiver coach, and educator, is the visionary behind CareTalk, LLC—a comprehensive counseling and coaching agency specializing in women's mental health. With a fervent dedication, Dr. Wilson collaborates with women to identify life stressors and craft strategies for balanced and purposeful living. Drawing from her extensive professional and academic background, she brings a unique perspective to addressing complex issues and fostering meaningful partnerships.

Dr. Wilson holds a Ph.D. in Human Services with a concentration in Social Work and Community Services from Capella University, complemented by a Master of Social Work degree from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University.

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Individual Therapy | Family Caregiving Coaching | Trainings 

WHAT I can help with

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Bereavement Counseling

  • Adjustment Disorders

  • Caregiver Stress & Burnout

  • Difficulty with Aging Process

  • Coping with Illness

  • Job Burnout

  • Workplace Microaggressions

  • Development of Coping Skills

  • Stress Management

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Individual Therapy: In a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment, I assist high-achieving professional women in discovering their voice and cultivating confidence. Using therapeutic methods, I empower and inspire clients to evolve into their best selves. Together, we work collaboratively to recognize and overcome self-imposed limitations, while achieving a harmonious balance between personal and professional responsibilities for a more fulfilling life.


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Having navigated the challenges of juggling roles as a wife, mother, and professional seeking growth, I intimately understand the struggles involved. The weight of these responsibilities can lead to overwhelming emotional, mental, and physical strain. What may start as minor issues can gradually snowball into significant challenges.

I am wholeheartedly committed to aiding you in processing both minor concerns and significant obstacles, enabling you to present your best self in every aspect of your life — for yourself, your loved ones, and in your career.

My approach is grounded in authenticity and thoroughness, tailored to support your flourishing. Drawing from a diverse background including academic excellence, extensive research, hands-on experience as a direct care professional, and personal insights, I bring a unique perspective to our collaboration. Together, we can work towards achieving your aspirations and overcoming hurdles with confidence.


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I offer services dedicated to empowering and supporting women, helping them to embody their best selves.


I collaborate with seniors and their families to engage in discussions about long-term care needs and planning. My objective is to work closely with clients to develop family caregiving strategies that provide robust support for seniors and their families.

"The Ultimate Family Caregiver's Course" is conveniently available both online and in person. This comprehensive course concentrates on eight core areas that are crucial for all families to assess.

Participants who successfully complete the course will gain a deep understanding of how to formulate a realistic plan for caring for their aging loved ones.

Three books:
The Sandwich Generation: Learning How to Balance Caring for Your Children and Aging Parents. 

The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Book: A Practical Guide to Providing Care for Aging Family Members

The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Workbook. The Workbook is part of The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Course. 


Facing life's challenges can indeed feel overwhelming. With over twenty-four years of experience, I've had the privilege of supporting adults, seniors, and families in diverse settings, ranging from home care and home health to nursing homes, private practice, and community-based services. My passion is dedicated to assisting women in navigating personal and professional stressors while uncovering and pursuing their life purpose.

Those who choose to collaborate with me often seek restoration and equilibrium as they navigate through life's various circumstances. My practice specializes in addressing:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Bereavement Counseling

  • Adjustment Disorders

  • Caregiver Stress & Burnout

  • Challenges with the Aging Process

  • Coping with Illness

  • Job Burnout

  • Workplace Microaggressions

  • Development of Coping Skills

  • Stress Management

In therapy, I adopt a collaborative, strength-focused, and person-centered approach. Together, we identify your desired outcomes, working towards restoring balance for a fulfilling quality of life.

It would be my honor to join you on your journey.


  • Aetna Insurance

  • Anthem

  • Cigna Insurance

  • Health Savings Account

  • Medicare Part B

  • Oscar Health

  • Optum Insurance

  • Oxford

  • United Healthcare

  • Private Pay 

I do not accept American Express.

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P.O. Box 6123 
Douglasville GA 30154

Tel: 678-386-3714


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Explore a step-by-step guide designed to assist you in navigating the challenges of caring for a family member.



The course is centered around eight core areas that families should evaluate to effectively prepare for the caregiving journey.

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