The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Workshop helps participants learn how to meet with seniors in their homes to address life and adjustment issues. These sessions are typically once per week for 50 minutes. Reminiscence Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are used to guide these sessions. 


Approximately 54% of adult Americans expect to care for someone in the next 5 years. Yet, most do not have a plan to provide the care (AARP, 2020).



Education & Strategy

This workshop focuses on 8 core areas that all families need to assess. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a realistic plan to care for their aging loved ones.


Who should participate?

  • Family members

  • Primary Caregivers

  • Community Leaders


What is included?

  • The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Book

  • The Ultimate Family Caregiver’s Workbook

  • 4 Hour Workshop

  • 5% donation to the sponsoring organization